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$1,535,000 or $5,355 Fancy Deep, Vivid, Intense, Fancy & Fancy Light Blues set to Mozart's last masterpiece by Daniel Arthur Jelladian Auction ID : 143900   
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$1,535,000 or $5,355 Fancy Deep, Vivid, Intense, Fancy & Fancy Light Blues set to Mozart's last masterpiece by Daniel Arthur Jelladian

USD 1,535,000.00

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Music, Color, Art, Precious Metals, Light Reflecting Colorful Gems are all gifts to humanity from GOD. I had the blessing of attending a Mozart concert by the Pacific American Master Chorale Orchestra at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on July 27, 2017. It was a benefit concert for the North Korean Refugees.

That night I heard one of my favorite Mozart Pieces, Lacrimosa Requiem. I learned this was Mozart's last masterpiece, He died after completing the core of this unforgettable piece

I have been attracted to Mozart's music for many years and I began to increase my awareness of his awesome works and story.

Just finishing the Celebration of Pink Diamonds, Sapphires and Tourmaline Brooch in 18k Rose Gold in early August 2017, I knew my next piece had to highlight the Color of the Sky and The Oceans.

I wanted to make a Piece that displayed all Gia Fancy Deep, Vivid, Intense, Fancy and Fancy Light "straight Blues". I started searching for only Gia Certified Diamonds globally and was shocked by the extreme rarity of natural only blues. I have no interest in any treated Diamonds, I only appreciate and advise my clients to buy Natural. I thought Ring but then decided on Brooch so those that bought a larger Blue center Ring could wear together.

I will set these 5 Highest Gia Natural Blue Diamonds to the 5 most famous notes from Mozart's last masterpiece, Lacrimosa Requiem. I kept whistling these notes over and over again. Then I focus watched the movie Amadeus again and kept reading about a CHRISTian toddler from Salzburg that started playing the Piano at 3, started writing and composing year by year, timeless masterpieces, how could a child do this alone? Was THE FINGER OF GOD working through Mozart? The way THE FINGER OF GOD worked through Michelangelo when He carved La Pieta out of stone to show THE FACE OF CHRIST or when He later painted the FINGER OF GOD creating Adam.

On Tuesday September 19, 2017 I found a Latin to English Translation of Lyrics to Lacrimosa on YouTube.

The very next Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at Bible study my friend "out of the blue" tells me about the Hebrew meaning of the Names written in Genesis 5 from Adam to Noah point to CHRIST JESUS. He texted me a link with the translation of the meanings of the Hebrew Names written in Genesis 5 from Adam to Noah? These meaningful names also point to the Promised MESSIAH as described in Isaiah 53.

Here are the Hebrew Names in order from Son to Son from Adam to Noah and their meanings in English. Adam=Man, Seth=Appointed, Enosh=Mortal, Kenan=Sorrow, Mahalel=THE BLESSED GOD, Jared=Shall come down, Enoch=Teaching, Methuselah= HIS Death Shall Bring, Lamech=The Despairing, Noah=Rest,comfort.

So here are the Names in exact genealogy order of the BLOOD LINE leading to CHRIST JESUS

MAN appointed Mortal Sorrow, THE BLESSED GOD shall come down Teaching, HIS Death Shall Bring The Despairing Rest and comfort.

These Prophecies and others are written in The Book of Isaiah about 800 years before the arrival of CHRIST to earth to teach reflecting THE UNCONDITIONAL UNMERITED LOVE of GOD to all around us. Even those that persecute us and hate us and kill us- "and the dust returns to the earth as it was and the SPIRIT returns to GOD who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12:7Esv

Like when we look over water, it reflects exactly. So put forth LOVE. We have not even a single breath without GOD. So give LOVE to all is the answer. Share what we are given. 9 trillion missing? To buy what? Start planting non gmo crops teaching our Children here and those abroad how to farm. Give fishing poles and fish. War, what is it good for? Absolutely Nothing. Try LOVE first see if the results are better for 1 new year. Give rather than take. Encourage and Educate rather than tearing down or starting wars for money.
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. John 1:5Nlt

Only 1 showed POWER over LIFE and death. JESUS GOD'S HOLY CHRIST. Carefully Read HIStory of LOVE in the Book of John. Why do you think it is the BEST SELLER of all time? Why do we count our time by the BIRTH of CHRIST?

But HE was pierced for our transgressions, HE was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on HIM, and by HIS WOUNDS we are healed. Isaiah 53:5Niv

JESUS=5, DIVINE TRINITY=3, JESUS=5. Are numbers a language of their own?

Here are the words translated in English from Mozart's LaCrimosa Requiem that also point to JESUS CHRIST.

Lacrimosa= Mournful, Dies Illa= That Day, Qua Resurget Ex Favilla= When From the Ashes Shall Rise, Judicandis Homo Reus= Guilty Man To Be Judged, Lacrimosa Dies Illa= Mournful that Day, Huic Ergo Parce DEUS= GOD, Have Mercy on HIM, Pie JESU DOMINE= Compassionate LORD JESUS, Dona Eis= Grant Them, Requiem=Eternal Rest, Amen.

Within this song we are given The message of LIFE.

We are given bodies made from dust to walk on earth.

We all fall short of the Glory of GOD, we all are sinners needing a SAVIOR to reconcile us to GOD through THE BLOOD OF CHRIST.

We will all go for Judgement to Eternal Heaven or Hell.

Our Compassionate LORD JESUS Paid the price in full for our Sins to Free us to Live in GRACE.

And JESUS is the only way to eternal rest in Heaven near GOD THE FATHER, SOURCE OF LOVE.

The ROAD to Eternal LIFE only through JESUS summarized in a paragraph and engrained into this timeless Song heard globally in every language.

This Unique Piece of Jewelry will be set to the 5 notes of Mozart's last masterpiece, Lacrimosa Requiem, will make a meaningful addition to any Fine Jewelry Collection. This can be worn as a brooch on your Jacket or Sweater for Dress or Play or it will have loops in the back to hang from a chain. $5,355 for the Sapphire and Diamond Piece in 18k White Gold or $1,535,000 for the Fancy Blue Diamond Piece in Platinum and an 18" Italian 5 Strand 18k White Gold Pendant Chain is $1,000 extra.

The Piece with a Fancy Deep Blue, Fancy Vivid Blue, Fancy Intense Blue, Fancy Blue and Fancy Light Blue Diamond, all 5 Gia Certified and purity ranging from Internally Flawless to Vs2 totaling approximately 1ct surrounded by approximately 2cts of White Diamonds set in Platinum for $1,535,000. Blue Diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. Many larger sizes have sold for several million Dollars and do not come with this trip. First Purchaser of this will include an unforgettable single or double occupancy guided by my Israel ex Military Friend and Your Jeweler, by train, air, land, horseback(optional) and sea. A 2 week trip together Dining, Learning and Enjoying the World's Beauty in October 2018 to The Holy Land in Jerusalem where JESUS walked and was Baptized in The Jordan River, The Vatican tour, throughout Rome, South of France and a few surprise destinations. This will be an experience of a lifetime including going with me to markets shopping to buy rare and exotic Gems. You will have first right to buy a Natural Red Gia Certified Diamond to be set in the center of (5) special cut Gia Certified D color Internally Flawless French Cut Square Diamond Carres to make this Cross I have been wanting to make. This will be a Jewel Adventure you will never forget.

I will also make the Piece with Blue Sapphires as shown in the photo and White Diamonds totaling approximately 3.00cts set in 18k White Gold for $5,355. This is the best piece of Jewelry I know of for $5,355 and it will include an Armenian Shish Kebab Lunch or Dinner Feast if you are ever in downtown Los Angeles- please Monday-Wed, Sundays only, advance reservations required. If you are Vegetarian we can go to the top of the new 73rd story open air restaurant, this is the best 360 view in La. If you like Fish, I know the best place. If you are in South Orange County, Mozart Cafe! I Love making new friends, sharing our stories and breaking Bread together.

LOVE is the answer,

Daniel Arthur Jelladian

Text 559-288-5000

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$1,535,000 or $5,355 Fancy Deep, Vivid, Intense, Fancy & Fancy Light Blues set to Mozart's last masterpiece by Daniel Arthur Jelladian
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$1,535,000 or $5,355 Fancy Deep, Vivid, Intense, Fancy & Fancy Light Blues set to Mozart's last masterpiece by Daniel Arthur Jelladian

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