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Sold for $600,000 Plus Trade 10.00Ct+ Gia Fancy Vivid Yellow Vs2 Diamond that went to a President & His Wife of Another Country Auction ID : 148742   
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Sold for $600,000 Plus Trade 10.00Ct+ Gia Fancy Vivid Yellow Vs2 Diamond that went to a President & His Wife of Another Country

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Sold for $600,000 Plus a Trade.

Here is a 10.00Ct+ Gia Certified Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Heart Shape Diamond that I sold to a Beverly Hills Jewelry Store in February 2018. I was told by the Store Owner that the Diamond was for a President and His Wife of another Country. I also sold a 2.77Ct Gia Certified Natural Light Pink Rectangular Radiant Cut Diamond with Vvs1 clarity that was bought from a licensed buyer. My excellent cutter polished the stone without losing a full point and successfully removed the pinpoint, improving the stone to internally flawless when resubmitted to Gia for grading. I also sold a Gia Certified natural Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond from New York, that was set with a Fancy Deep Blue from Israel, Fancy Intense Blue from Israel, Fancy Blue from Belgium and a Very Light Blue Diamond from Hong Kong, set in 18k Gold and 95% Platinum to the 5 musical notes that play the old hymn "Yes, JESUS LOVES Me."

These Natural Blue Diamonds are so rare, when the Pendant was completed, I sent the Jewel back to Gia with all 5 Gia Diamond Certificates for a Verification report to make sure that they all matched and then had Gia ship the Jewel directly to the Customer. For the .04Ct Fancy Vivid Blue Natural Round Brilliant Diamond I paid $250,000 per carat.

On June 1 and 2, 2023 I attended the Las Vegas Jewelry Show at The Wynn Hotel. While there, I met with an exhibitor that told me about a 5.00ct+ Gia Certified Natural Red Diamond with a mix of color that is currently shown on the internet as valued at $50,000,000 and He now values the Diamond at $100,000,000.

On the first night of the show I had dinner at The Lakeside Restaurant facing the fountain at the Wynn Hotel. They had a dish that serves 4 people called the Kaua'i Sugarloaf Pineapple Upside Down Cake with brown sugar toffee and coconut sorbet. This is the best dessert that I have ever had in my Life.

I have had Duck at a starred Restaurant in Paris and I have had Duck at Spicy J's in Fresno at River Park and if you put both of these Ducks on a stage and ask people to vote for which they prefer, I believe if fairly counted that the Fresno Duck would easily Win. Is 2 for Me and 1 for You fair for every single person and Corporation in the Country doing Business?

The Tour will begin in Fresno and the first stop is Los Angeles, the home of the 2028 Summer Olympics that will be held from July 14- July 30, 2028 where we need to Welcome The World and open the door to Wealthy Business People that want to hire at least 51% American Workers.

For security reasons We will not be traveling with the Blue Diamond or any Jewelry. I will only carry about $200 in cash in case I find someone that wants to challenge me in a heads up match of Texas Holdem. I am bringing One of My Jewelry Customers with Me on the tour and He wants to buy back items that I have sold over the years, so We will meet previous Buyers at a nearby Bank and do an instant bank transfer or give a Cashiers Check, then the goods will be picked up by an armored truck and shipped back to Los Angeles.

In every City that We travel through we will be pointing People to watch "The Chosen" a free series that can be watched on Angel on your phone, computer or television about JESUS, our HEAVENLY FATHER'S HOLY CHRIST, THE SAVIOR. We need to turn our back on sin and Believe in JESUS and then We will receive THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The show is EnLIGHTening, Entertaining and Excellent to watch with your Children. Protect what ideas go into their minds. This show teaches that "The LIGHT shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish IT." John 1:5nlt The about 49 Page Book of John is a great starting point to reading THE BIBLE, THE WORD of our HEAVENLY FATHER that created us and LOVES us and gives us HIS Daily GRACE. The Church is not a Building it is a group of G-D'S People that are all awakened that were living in darkness at first but now living in THE LIGHT of LOVE together forever and this group includes our Ancestors that we met and never met that made the free will choice to take the step towards Unconditional TRUE LOVE. No matter what, kind of LOVE. Point your Family, Friends and Strangers in the Right Direction. All have made mistakes and are sinners. Do not let the exception block You from Your Family's Eternal Best Destination here and thereafter. We think we need to run 7 days a week to get ahead. When We do this We are running on a Hamster Wheel without taking time to check and make positive adjustments to our formula. It is 1 of Our HEAVENLY FATHER'S 10 Commandments to keep The Sabbath Day HOLY, to be with Family, Go to Church, rest, relax, recharge Our Mind, Body and Soul and communicate with Loved ones and do good on The Sabbath Day. Surround Yourself and Your Kids around other People that are awakened to THE LIGHT, there is no in between. Join a BIBLE Based Church and go out to Lunch after on every Saturday or Sunday. If we cannot spend time with our Loved Ones, what are we doing? #26 President Theodore Roosevelt said "A thorough knowledge of THE BIBLE is worth more than a College Education." Teach Your Kids to Read THE BIBLE". Best to read in the easier to understand modern English version rather than the Shakespeare Style King James Version "for where art thou Romeo?" The BIBLE says the only way to Heaven is through JESUS, HE is THE ONLY DOOR. The only 1 to show POWER over This Life by saying that HE was going to Die and return to Life on the 3rd Day and Did. Choose Wisely.

The Chosen has now been streamed over 540,000,000 times to reach people in 197 Countries on Earth. I have Loved watching all 3 Seasons and I am excited to watch Season 4. When we travel across the greatest Nation on Earth we will have signs on all 4 Sides of Our Rv pointing our Brothers and Sisters to to learn about JESUS totally free. I believe that all People were created by THE SAME G-D. THE DIVINE TRINITY. Like a fire that has 3 parts, Oxygen, Heat and Fuel that together make 1 FIRE. G-D appeared to Moses as a Fire and as a Cloud, both that have water vapor. When we stand above water, we get an immediate identical reflection. The amount of water on earth does not change, it may shift from ice to the atmosphere, or the ocean or the river or in our body made from dust. Scientists estimate that our gut has about 75 Trillion Cells. The percentages of all revenues need to be channeled to the penny to new mathematical formulas that hold water, or the canoe will continue to sink.

The next City after Las Vegas is Phoenix on August 7th and Scottsdale, Arizona on August 8th. Then Albuquerque, New Mexico on August 9th, Sugar Land and Dallas, Texas on August 10th, Bentonville, Arkansas on August 11th. Memphis, Tennessee Graceland on The Sabbath Day of Rest on August 12, Nashville, Tennessee on August 13th, Wilmington and Mars Hill, North Carolina and West Virginia on August 14.

In 2006 I owned 75% of a Horse named Trickey Trevor. He was hurt and had a surgery and He had a big heart. He made a major comeback after healing and He won The Churchill Downs Handicap on Kentucky Derby Day with Russell Baze on board, North America's most winningest Jockey. It was His first win at Churchill Downs. I gave Russell Baze a 3/4 Size Rolex as a Gift to thank him and I engraved the back of the Watch with Trickey Trevor's Name.

In 2007 I owned 25% of a Horse named Bwana Bull, Who won Us The California Derby. When I was 33 years old He Ran in the 133rd Kentucky Derby Main Race for $2,000,000. The Father of Bwana Bull was Holy Bull, who was owned by The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed. Before the Race The Sheikh placed a double page ad in the Horse Breeding Magazine that said "Bwana Bull was King". I sent my then driver, the late Philip Beberian to Kentucky to keep an eye on the Horse, who also one time drove B.B. King when He played at a local Casino near Fresno and they wrote an article on Philip in the Louisville Newspaper. He ended up running 15th with Venzuelan Jockey Javier Castellano on board, who just won the 2023 Kentucky Derby on board Mage owned by Becky Thomas and Her Assistant, Mr. Carlos Manresa. Later Bwana Bull ran in the $750,000 West Virginia Derby and it was the closest and most exciting Horse Race that I have ever seen in My life. It was so close I am not sure that He did not win the race. He also ran in The Philadelphia Derby and The Breeders Cup in New Jersey.

My Dad, who is a Us Navy Veteran working at the Post Office on board the Ship in Vietnam, is going to.Alaska this Month so He will let me know the best Places to see. I have heard that Denali National Park is one of the Best from a Guy I met, His Uncle works for the National Park Service.

I will be in Honolulu, Hawaii attending the Jewelry Show on November 10th-12th a few days before my 50th Birthday where I will spend with My Family in Fresno, California where I was born at Community Hospital, just a few minutes away from my Office. Speaking of California, The High Speed Rail has been under construction for Years. The final station is in Anaheim near Disneyland where they built an amazing about $77m Station. Rather than build fragments all over the State possibly never finishing, why not start at Anaheim and build to the next City, segments at a time, and get the train Operating back and forth to work out the bugs and not wasting any time or money looking back? Then give bonuses to the Builders for an on time completion of each Segment, one positive step at a time.

Has Gold reached it's all time Peak of $2,075 per ounce? Are We on the Rocks? Gold is today trading at $1,971.70. In 1999 when I started selling Gold online the price was $276.73, today Gold is trading up over 700% at $1,971.70 from 24 years ago. If You do not need the Gold and Jewelry that You bought from DiamondDr1, sell it by texting Me a Photo of what You have so I can give you an estimated Buy Price to be paid in person at Your Bank by Instant Transfer or Cashiers Check on my August 2023 National Tour of America.

The 3rd Photo is of a 5.50Ct Natural Burma Ruby heated that has been examined by The Gem Lab. It will be set with a Gia .50Ct+ D color Flawless or Internally Flawless Natural Diamond and set into a 95% Platinum Pendant called The Jewel of Asia and it is now for sale for $47,500.

To see the photos of the Gia Certified Natural Pink and Blue Diamonds and to see the Map for the Us Tour visit the front page of LuxuryWorld by clicking the Home button at the top left of this screen. Text Daniel Arthur Jelladian, Jeweler at 559-288-5000

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Sold for $600,000 Plus Trade 10.00Ct+ Gia Fancy Vivid Yellow Vs2 Diamond that went to a President & His Wife of Another Country
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Sold for $600,000 Plus Trade 10.00Ct+ Gia Fancy Vivid Yellow Vs2 Diamond that went to a President & His Wife of Another Country

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