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Sold. Reorder for $9,999 "The Jewel of America" Pure 24kt Gold 1oz Buffalo Coin & 50 Gems Rainbow Bezel for 50 States Platinum by Jelladian 2023© Auction ID : 148319   
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Sold. Reorder for $9,999 "The Jewel of America" Pure 24kt Gold 1oz Buffalo Coin & 50 Gems Rainbow Bezel for 50 States Platinum by Jelladian 2023©

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Hi I am Daniel Arthur Jelladian a Jeweler born in Fresno California in 1973 at Community Hospital near where my office is in downtown. Here is "The Jewel of America" that I designed and manufactured in Los Angeles and it was just completed a few minutes before sunset on Friday May 26, 2023.

I am making a Jewel for all 5 of the interwoven Olympic Rings that represent 5 of the 7 inhabited Continents on Earth. The first was this $9,999 Gold Medallion for America. The second, The Jewel of Oceania for $3,800 was completed on June 30, 2023. Oceania is the region made up of thousands of Islands throughout the Central and South Pacific Islands including Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. The next now under construction is the Jewel of Africa, a massive Gem and Diamond Bracelet for $120,000, then the Jewel of Europe, The final of the series of 5 will be the Jewel of Asia. Any of these Jewels can be reordered by texting 559-288-5000

May 28, 2023 was Pentecost Sunday.

Pentecost is taken from the Greek word (Pentēkostē) that means fiftieth".

On the day of Pentecost, People were given additional abilities through THE HOLY SPIRIT. Noted in The Book of Acts.

The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines. Leviticus 25:11niv

JESUS said HE would die and return on the 3rd day and did that Easter Sunday. Without the Resurrection of CHRIST, dying and coming back to Life, there would be no Christianity to write about years later after the New Testament was written around 50-100AD. HE returned back to Heaven to be Seated at the Right of G-D and HE is still alive today. JESUS is the only 1 to show POWER over this Life and Prove that there is Life after death of the body. There are only 2 Roads to take for Eternity, Heaven in LIGHT and LOVE or Hell in darkness with the horrible smell of burning sulphur. This is real so choose wisely. You do not want the door to Heaven to be locked for Eternity. So knock now because you do not want to hear "I never knew You".

JESUS answered, "I AM the Way and the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one comes to THE FATHER except through ME. John 14:6niv

In the center of "The American Jewel" is a 2008 United States of America Gold Buffalo Coin that has 1 full ounce (31.1 grams) of 24kt .9999 Gold. The $50 Legal Tender Coin with the American Bison on one side and A Native American Indian on the other, was struck by the United States Mint at West Point, New York and starting in 2006 this was the first time that the Us Government minted pure .9999 24kt Gold coins for the Public.

The Coin and the Bezel were both xrayed for metal analysis. The Gold Coin showed 99.99% Pure as the Us Government has guaranteed. Gold is now trading at $1,944.40 and has a melting point of 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit. The Bezel Pendant shows xray results of approximately 96.00% Platinum that is now trading at $1,031 per ounce and it has a melting point of 3,215 degrees Fahrenheit. The 3 alloys containing approximately .00351% of Palladium that is now trading at $1,469 per ounce , .00284% Rhodium now trading at $7,000 per ounce and 3.24% of Iridium that is now trading at $4,600 per ounce.

"Many of the World's most precious Gemstones including the Hope Diamond have Platinum settings. During World War II non-military use of Platinum was banned in The United States as it was deemed a strategic metal. When Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was Coronated as consort to King George VI, the frame of Her Crown was constructed in Platinum. All of the Platinum ever minted would barely fill a 7.6m cubic box and would weigh about 16 tons. 90% of the Eorld's Platinum supply is extracted from 4 mines. 3 out of 4 of these mines are located on the continent of Africa. 50% of all Platinum mined annually is used for industrial applications." From
The top part of the bezel is also Platinum set with a .44Ct Heart shape heated Ruby with minor residues and Burma Origin that has been certified by Gia. Certificate #2225821321. If you prefer all 50 Diamonds rather than the Rainbow, including a Gia certified .40ct Heart all D-E color Vvs1-2 this heart brilliant Diamond is available for $11,999.

At the top of the bezel right below the Heart shape Ruby, described as a clock with a Rainbow of 50 Round Gems to represent 50 States. The Gems and Diamonds are from all over the World and they represent The Melting Pot of People from all over in America. At 12 o'clock there is a Color Changing Natural Alexandrite, at 1pm there is a .04Ct natural Blue Sapphire described as heated with Origin of The United States of America, from the State of Montana, by Gia Certificate #2225801038. Set at 2pm is a. 04Ct Green-Blue Paraiba Tourmaline, described by Gia as Copper and Manganese bearing with an Origin of Brazil. At 3 O'clock , 5 O'clock and 8 O'clock there are 3 Natural Round Brilliant Diamonds that are D color with Vvs1 purity that are carefully sourced by my suppliers only from non conflict related Countries. All of the Diamonds over 1Ct that I sell are Gem Lab Certified with the Certificate number laser inscribed on the girdle or smaller sizes are tested with the latest technology. I have sold as high as a 17Ct Certified Round Brilliant Natural Diamond for $250,000 and more expensive in Natural Fancy Colors. I do not sell what is not real, I only sell G-D made Diamonds or Gems. I was in a Jewelry store in Las Vegas recently and I saw a young girl walk in with her new boyfriend to sell her old Wedding Ring. The Jeweler asked her how much she wanted, she said about $6,000. The Jeweler tested it and told her that it was a Lab Created Diamond and he could not buy it from her. The 3 Diamonds symbolize the 3 Separate PERSONS of THE HOLY TRINITY of G-D, THE FATHER, THE SON JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT. Like a fire that has 3 parts, oxygen, heat and fuel that together make 1 fire. The INVISIBLE G-D appeared to Moses as a fire and as a cloud, both that have water vapor. When we stand above water we get an immediate identical reflection. The 5 symbolizes JESUS and the 8 symbolizes Eternity. At 4 O'clock there is a Pinkish Red Ruby from Thailand. At 6 O'clock there is a Blue Sapphire heated with an origin of Sri Lanka. At 7pm there is a Red Ruby heated with Burma Origin. At 9pm there is a faint Pink Topaz. At 10pm there is a Tsavorite Green Garnet from Kenya, Africa. At 11pm there is a Mandarin Orange Spessartite Garnet. The other 38 Gems include a light green Peridot, a Demantoid Garnet with Horsetail inclusion with Russian Origin, A Tanzanite from Tanzania, Emerald from Brazil, an Aquamarine, A purple Amethyst, A Citrine, A Pink Tourmaline, A silvery Green and a Yellow Sapphire both with Montana Usa Origin and more duplicates and other only natural Gems.

I enjoyed traveling to the Tucson Gem Show in 2023 to buy for this Jewel. My next Jewel in Platinum will be The Jewel of Africa. I spoke to my Brother in CHRIST JESUS today named Samuel, who was born in Kenya and He suggested that I make a Noah's Ark boat and completely encrust it in Gems and Diamonds. I like the idea, I was thinking of a Bracelet.

From THE HOLY BIBLE, The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,
1 John 4:8nlt says "

"But anyone who does not LOVE does not know G-D, for G-D is LOVE."

The rim of the bezel is engraved "G-D Bless America, the melting pot of the World"
This Jewel was inspired by 2 Missionaries that went to Indonesia to spread the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS in 1962 to the Cannabalistic Sawi Tribe. While there, the neighboring tribe saw the Canadian couple and started to try to cause a conflict with plans to eat them. When the Husband told the Chief that if the situation did not cool down immediately, that they would leave. Then the enemy Tribe brought over their Newborn Baby and handed him to the other Chief as a Peace offering. And then the other Chief handed over his Baby to go live with the other Tribe, and because of the Children of both enemy tribes were both living with the other Tribe, it created Peace for all.
JESUS is the ULTIMATE PEACE CHILD. HE paid the price for all of our Sins and only THE TRUTH can set us free from the bondage of Sin. We will all die one day from this earth. We will all wither like flowers. Then the dust returns to the earth as it was and the Spirit returns to G-D who gave it. G-D is our JUDGE and HE knows our hearts completely. HE gave us free will because HE LOVES us. Every time you open The BIBLE, the LIVING WORD of OUR Wonderful G-D, our CREATOR and SUSTAINER, you open new doors in your heart and mind. We are like a Camera lens, we can only have 1 focus, Sin or G-D. Choose Wisely. Turn your back on sin and never waste time looking back. Start by carefully reading the about 49 page Book of John, 1 to 2 pages at a time, visualizing and understanding every WORD. Until we receive THE HOLY SPIRIT, we are on the highway to eternal Hell.

There is a series about JESUS THE MESSIAH that brings the BIBLE to life on screen called "The Chosen" that can be seen free on They have had over 500,000,000 streams to reach people in 197 Countries. I have watched every single show for all 3 seasons and it is Excellent, Entertaining and EnLIGHTening. Watch it with all who you LOVE, tell all of your friends, even your enemies. Give kindness to all, forgive, as you yourself were forgiven. One must first receive Unconditional LOVE and forgiveness before we are able to give UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and forgiveness.

John 3:16nlt
“For this is how G-D LOVED the world: HE gave his one and only SON, so that everyone who believes in HIM will not perish but have eternal life.

Acts 2:38

Peter replied, “Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to G-D, and be baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST for the forgiveness of your sins. Then you will receive the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ephesians 3:18-19

And may you have the power to understand, as all G-D’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep HIS LOVE is.

May you experience the LOVE of CHRIST, though IT s too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from G-D.

Isaiah 46:4-5

“To whom will you compare ME? Who is MY equal?

Amos 5:8

It is the LORD who created the stars, the Pleiades and Orion. HE turns darkness into morning and day into night. HE draws up water from the oceans and pours it down as rain on the land. The LORD is HIS NAME!

Praise THE LORD, we owe HIM everything.
The Back of the Pendant is engraved "World Peace" and "Daniel Arthur Jelladian 2023".

This is a Gift of Gold, Platinum and fine Gems collected from all over the World. Imagine all of the frequencies from all of these Gems and Precious metals. On the day that the BABY JESUS was born and revealed amongst us, the 3 Wise men gave HIM a gift of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

If you are looking for a Perfect Gift of unique Jewelry to wear for under $10k, order yours today for $9,999 total delivered via insured FedEx with signature required with an eta of 60 days. Call or Text 559-288-5000 or email

About Your Jeweler;

I have received over 16,000 positive feedbacks with about a 99% happy customer rating for online transactions for Jewelry since 1999. I completed the Gia Diamonds Course and received my Certificate in 1997. I also completed a Gia Colored Gem Grading Course in 2014. Over the years I have louped thousands and thousands of Diamonds and Gems from all over the World and have sold Jewelry in all 50 of the United States and many other Countries. I have visited Jewelry stores in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Macao, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean Islands, Phoenix, New Orleans, Atlanta, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Seattle, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Port Orange, San Francisco, Atlantic City, Greensboro, Basel World Jewelry and Watch Show in Switzerland and I have exhibited at several Jewelry shows in Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, Miami Beach, Detroit, Orlando and Tucson.

In 2007, a Beautiful Horse I owned 25% of named Bwana Bull won The California Derby. Bwana Bull's Father, named Holy Bull was owned by The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed. Bwana Bull also ran 2nd by a nose in the 2007 West Virginia Derby and he ran 15th after falling coming down the airplane ramp in the main race at 133rd Kentucky Derby when I was 33. Before the Kentucky Derby, Sheikh Mohammad placed a double page ad in the Horse Breeding Magazine saying "Bwana Bull is King". I heard Queen Elizabeth II was going to attend the Kentucky Derby that year so I offered to sell the Queen a piece of my Horse so she would enjoy her trip more.

In 2006 Trickey Trevor another horse I owned 75% of, won 1st in the Churchill Downs Handicap with Russell Baze on board, North America's most winningest Jockey, it was his first win at Churchill Downs. It was my first and only win at Churchill Downs and it was extra special because it was on Kentucky Derby Day. I am no longer buying Horses or in the Horse Business.

I sold 2 of the Watches that Billionaire Prince of Brunei, Jefri Bolkiah, who paid $16m to Michael Jackson to perform for his Brothers 50th Birthday Party, his Brother is the Sultan of Brunei. Jefri ordered the Watches when he was on a global multi Billion Dollar spending spree and he also bought Asprey Jewelry Store in London for 243 Million Pounds. Prince Jefri went to many of the top Swiss Watch Houses and commissioned them to make him a 1 of a kind absolute best of each brand and they were called "Piece Uniques". I sold 1 of them to a Jeweler in Hatton Garden London and the other to a wealthy real estate developer that would let me park My then brand new Rolls Royce Phantom in his hangar at the airport and he would let Me borrow His Jet to fly to Kentucky. He also flew me down to his Home in Puerta Vallarta to spend a few days with Him. He would meet me when I was at the Jewelry show in Las Vegas and another time he flew me to Los Angeles to show a 7 figured Gia certified 25Ct Vivid Yellow Diamond with Vvs Purity.

I was at the Jewelry show in Las Vegas and I bought a solid 18k Yellow Gold Patek Philippe Minute Repeater, a watch that plays a song that will tell you what time it is only by listening, when you chime the lever. A few hours later I went to the Eagles concert at the Hard Rock with my then Wife and Steve Wynn and His then Wife were sitting right behind Me at the fabulous concert and I chimed the Patek Repeater in His ear. We had a nice talk and he told me at one point he thought about buying the Company Patek Philippe. We also have a mutual Friend that He used to work with at the Golden Nugget, that was a consultant to the Movie Casino and was portrayed by Don Rickles in the film. The Emerald Cut Diamond 3 Stone Ring in 18k Gold that Deniro wore in the film, I auctioned it off at $1 No Reserve here on

I made for the Dr's Wife the 5 Gia Certified Blue Diamond Necklace set to the Musical notes of the old Hymn "Yes JESUS LOVES Me! for $65,000 with a collection of extremely rare only natural Blue Diamonds, including a Fancy Deep Blue .07ct Oval from Israel , A Fancy Vivid Blue .04ct Round from New York, a .08Ct Fancy Intense Blue Pear from Israel, a .13ct Fancy Blue Marquise from Belgium and a .19Ct Very Light Blue Heart Shape that I found in Hong Kong.

I played Poker with the late Laker's owner Dr. Jerry Buss in a live game and outlasted Ben Affleck in a tournament at Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. I played with Gabe Kaplan, the actor from Welcome Back Kotter in the World Series of Poker. I won 1st prize in an online poker tournament and won a seat in the World Poker Open and flew to Maidstone England and played with Tony G.

I made a Diamond Cross Pendant in Platinum set with 5 Round Brilliant Natural Gia Certified Diamonds that all 5 were graded D Flawless, not internally flawless, all 5 with triple excellent Gia reports. This piece was sold in Hong Kong and the back read G-D is LOVE. I no longer write the NAME of G-D, HE is too GREAT.

I appeared as the Jeweler on the Oprah Winfrey Network show "Don't Tell The Bride" when I helped Tedric choose an Emerald cut Diamond Wedding Ring for Alfreda on the show when they married in 2011.

I had Elvis Presley's White Knabe and Co Piano at my then live auction house in Fresno and I flew in Johnny Christopher to play the song he co wrote for Elvis, "You are always on my Mind. It was on Headline News. I had the Guy that owned Elvis Presley's Home in Palm Springs come to Fresno to try and buy it. The Piano is now back at Graceland in Memphis. Here is the video

I made and Sold a Ring out of an extremely rare 4ct Color Changing Demantoid Garnet and a small natural Chameleon Color Changing Diamond, both certified by Gia. I also sold a 29.00Ct+ Gia Certified Color Changing Natural Alexandrite.

I made a Jewel out of a 19Ct Tanzanite Cats Eye from Tanzania Africa that was described by an International Auction company open since 1793 with locations in Hong Kong, London, New York and Los Angeles "to our knowledge this is the first of this gem to ever come to public auction." I also made another Jewel out of the 7Ct little sister and both can be seen on the front page of, where my Jewels have had millions of views from all over the World.

I had a #1/1 Upper Deck Legendary Lineup Baseball Autograph piece signed by the beginning of the greats of the Game of Baseball like Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Honus Wagner and more that are all "now playing in the big league in the sky" that I showed on Fox News Live Nationally from New York. It was called by the Vice President of Upper Deck, as "the best piece of Baseball Autograph Memorabilia in the hobby"

In 2021 I made a special Jewel out of the 12 Gems listed in Exodus in The BIBLE. I had cut from Rough Gems or from larger Polished Gems all 12 Stones to make the 10 Commandments and the 12 Tribes of Israel Ring in 18k Gold and Platinum. Then I donated this Ring to Wells of Life along with some other Gems to pay for a Clean Water Well in Uganda Africa to benefit about 1,200 Men, Women and Children.

Most of these stories happened back when I was a high roller, nowadays I rarely play and when I do, I buy in for $100 or $200 in a no limit Texas Holdem Poker game and bet about $10 a hand for fun.

G-D Bless America.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Pentecost Sunday.

My office is in Fresno and I manufacture in Los Angeles. I am available by appointment if you are interested in ordering a special made Jewel. If you have any questions or comments text for fastest response at 559-288-5000.

This Lady had a near death experience and was separated from her body. She said that She met THE CREATOR. I met a Lawyer from San Francisco that described the exact same experience of being separated from his body and then returning back to his shell. He said that his Father that was a Doctor, took Him to the Dentist when He was a Young Teen and His Father told the Dentist, do not give My Son laughing gas. While in the chair, the Dentist gave Him laughing gas and He told Me that He saw the Dentist trying to revive His lifeless shell with cpr. He said that He was at total Peace and was thinking My Father is going to be so upset with Him for not listening. Moments later He returned to His Body. I had a near death experience on March 19, 2010 and I saw none of this. Years later we ended up sitting across from Each other in Laguna Beach at a Dinner before we went to see The Pageant of the Masters, a Tableau Vivante, where People stand still and making living Paintings. Someone else very very close to Me had the same thing happen. What are the odds? I understand that I will be an underdog and will take some hits, but I believe America will Win.
We have 1 of the Best Unforgettable Commercial Locations in the Movie Buisness called that is valued at $200,000,000 today, based on the $100,000,000 purchase of a Movie Rental Website that Walmart bought in 2010. Walmart also bought for $3,000,000,000 that is now being used as a redirect to We will sell 100% of all rights to for Us$20m. For more info on the most recent Business Plan type in RentAMovie in the search box above.

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Sold. Reorder for $9,999 "The Jewel of America" Pure 24kt Gold 1oz Buffalo Coin & 50 Gems Rainbow Bezel for 50 States Platinum by Jelladian 2023©
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Sold. Reorder for $9,999 "The Jewel of America" Pure 24kt Gold 1oz Buffalo Coin & 50 Gems Rainbow Bezel for 50 States Platinum by Jelladian 2023©

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